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November 2013 Presidents' Letter

September 2012 Presidents' Letter

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11/1/17 Chris Dietemann writes:

With our two sons out of the house (at least for now), and following a successful private equity sale of the Company I had led since 2011, I decided to retire at the end of May. In June, Bee and I packed up our son, Dan, and drove from Dallas to Kalamazoo, where Dan began his residency at the WMed Medical center, and then on to my family’s home in Stockbridge, Mass. On July 22, fellow ’75 classmate Charlotte Smart Rogan and her husband Kevin honored us with a visit on Charlotte’s birthday, which we celebrated that evening with a picnic on the lawn at Tanglewood for the BSO performance of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #5 with Emanuel Ax (Charlotte, Kevin, and Chris left-to-right). Bee and I plan to spend future summers in the Berkshires (away from the Texas heat), and are looking forward to seeing more of our Tiger classmates and friends.

3/28/17 Sarah Hey writes:

On behalf of Pope Flynn, I wanted to let you know that Marc Oberdorff '75 is now Senior Counsel for Public Finance tax law at Pope Flynn, a Public Finance law firm based in South Carolina. We are very honored to have him with us.

Link to his online bio:

9/10/12 Jim Floyd '69 writes:


I wanted to inform '75 that Princeton-in-Africa ( will be honoring your classmate Conrad Person on 11/8/12 in NYC (
Thank you,
Jim Floyd '69

Information on Class of 1975 Community Service Fund

10/12/09 Kathleen Reilly writes:

I am Kathleen Reilly, Executive Director of Princeton Project 55. PP55 announced that your classmate Scott Taylor ’75 was recently elected to his first term on the PP55 Board of Directors. You can read more by clicking on the link below. The wide range of classes represented by these new and returning Board members is in line with PP55’s strategic goal of diversifying the leadership of the organization beyond the class of 1955. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks,


Kathleen E. Reilly
Executive Director
Princeton Project 55
609.921.8808 ext. 2

10/8/09 Diane Weeks writes:

Dear All (and Jay whose email seems to have disappeared in my cyber world):

I think that, without hesitation, I can write that the past summer was a great success for our Interns. The first year with any organization, including Pace, is always transitional. But it went very, very smoothly. I hope a few classmates--who indicated interest last Spring--will carry the interviewing burden--indeed, the joy of meeting these wonderful students.

Thanks to Denny Chin, Cheryl Pollak, Dave Offensend, and Gen Muinzer for being so generous with their time.

See you at the Libe!! and I do not mean Firestone or Fine.

Di '75

Reports from our Summer Interns

6/21/09 Gail and Bill Baumbach write:

The turnout for our 34th Reunion was terrific - 85 classmates made an appearance, a record we think! This year, the Class of '75 sponsored a lunch preceding the P-rade as well as the traditional Class Party at Prospect afterward. Both events were well attended and lots of fun. The campus was beautiful as always, but continuously changing, with the New-New Quad having been replaced with yet newer dorms just this year - and the recently completed Lewis Science Library (featured in our new 35th Reunion logo) is an eye-opener!

Speaking of the 35th Reunion logo, please have a look on our class website to see it. The theme for our 35th is "7 X 5 = 35 / Good Times," continuing a numerical theme from previous major reunions: 30 years, 30 cheers from the 30th and MM from the 25th. Please check our class website often, as 35th Reunion information will be coming fast and furiously in the coming months: Look for registration info and a gift in the Sept class mailing!

For the upcoming 35th, May 27 - May 30, 2010, the class will sponsor an exciting new concept: Reunion kick-off events in the fall. So far, parties are planned in NYC (at the NY Public Library, Mon, 10/19), Washington DC (at a townhouse near the Capitol, Sun, 10/4), and in Los Angeles (at the wonderful home of a classmate, date tba) in October. Invitations to these events will be included in the Sept class mailing. Meeting classmates is always fun - especially so when a great 35th Reunion is imminent!

We envision a magnificent 35th Reunion, with premium food / drink, delightful entertainment, classic Regalia and, best of all, lots of friends!

Finally, a quick note about rooms at the 35th. The Nassau Inn releases a few rooms to each major reunion class, that MUST be reserved AND pre-paid by July 10. Anyone who is interested in reserving one of these convenient (albeit expensive) rooms for the three nights of Reunions 2010, please reply to this e-mail and we'll send you the details.

Have a great summer, and 35 Cheers,
Bill & Gail

2/8/09 Ellen Kahn Rampell writes:

"Dear Classmates,
This is to inform you about the exciting events planned for our class in
the next two months.
First of all, Alumni Day will take place on Saturday, February 21st, on
campus -- a little less than two weeks from today. Highlights of the day
include: morning lectures by faculty members, the luncheon at Jadwin and
the Service of Remembrance.
New this year, we will be holding a joint reception with the Classes of
1976 - 1978 in the basement of Chancellor Green at 4 p.m., following the
Service. Refreshments will be served including wine and cheese. I hope
to see you there!
Second, Bill and Gail Baumbach, our reunion chairs, will be holding a
meeting for our 35th reunion in Frist cafeteria @ 11 a.m. that day.
Please try to attend so that you can participate in the planning!
Third, the University will be holding a Regional Conference in
Washington D.C. on Friday, March 6, to Saturday, March 7, at the Newseum
and the J.W. Marriott Hotel. President Shirley Tilghman will be one of
the featured speakers there. This promises to be a great opportunity
both to learn about the university and to get together with classmates.
For more information about all of the above and to register for Alumni
Day and the Regional Conference, please go to:
With Tigers by the Score,
P.S. If you haven't paid your class dues yet, please send a check for
$75 payable to the Class of 1975 to: Jay Gary Finkelstein
DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary
1775 Wiehle Ave.
Suite 400
Reston, VA 20190.
Class dues are tax deductible and help pay for PAW and class events."

11/5/08 Barbara Zipperman writes:

I am delighted to forward this announcement ( about our classmate (and my best friend) Celeste Schenck being named President of the American University of Paris. Since she moved to France 18 years ago, she has held various positions at AUP as a member of the faculty, as a Professor of Comparative Literature, Vice President, Dean and most recently as Provost. Celeste has been living in Paris with her two sons, Lucas (who is now a student at AUP) and Max, who is in high school. Luckily for me, she makes frequent trips to the States and we were able to spend vacations together the past two summers. On her stops in New York she sees Marty Domb and his wife Nancy Sheldon.

In other news, this fall John Kornfeld spent many weeks of his sabbatical from Sonoma State University working for the Obama campaign in Missouri. While Obama didn’t prevail in that state, I am sure John’s efforts helped make it as close as it was.

6/8/08 Bill and Gail Baumbach write:

Over 50 classmates returned to our 33rd Reunion last week, a great turnout! The P-rade was a lot of fun, as was our Class Party at Prospect afterward. The campus is really exciting, with this year's 25th Reunion in Whitman College being especially impressive - and it is always a surprise to see so many familiar faces at Reunions.

This year, we discussed our upcoming 35th Reunion, May 27 - May 30, 2010. Several classmates volunteered for committees, and two themes were suggested: 35 Live (going Green); and Nasablanca (Bogart / tropical escape). Please send us ideas - and your participation is more than welcome. Note: Reunion committee jobs are easy, and the planning is fun!

We envision a high-quality 35th Reunion, with premium food / entertainment, and classic, simple Regalia. Looking forward to hearing from you . . .
Have a great summer, and 34 Cheers.

4/30/08 Jay Finkelstein writes:

We have had three terrific Class mini-reunions this year in Chicago, Boston, and New York, with over 35 attending the NYC event. We will soon begin the process of planning for our 35th Reunion, which is just two years away.

Fiscal year 2008 is rapidly approaching its June 30 close, and we are currently behind on our dues collection for the year. Remember, dues cover PAW subscriptions and other Class mandatory obligations, as well as funding Class activities. All together, we spend over $20,000 each year. Accordingly, I am sending this final appeal for you to pay your 2008 Class Dues. If you have not yet paid your dues, please take a moment and send your $75 tax deductible payment, payable to Princeton Class of 1975, to me at the address below.

Please note that the use of this e-mail solicitation saves our Class approximately $1,000, which is the cost of a mail solicitation.

Thanks. '33 Cheers. Jay

Jay Finkelstein
1775 Wiehle Avenue
Reston, Virginia 20190

6/8/07 Bill Baumbach writes:

Our 32ND REUNION was a terrific time for the 50 plus Classmates (to be listed in Class Notes) who returned to Old Nassau last weekend!

Highlights: marching with 1975 in the ANNUAL P-RADE; the fireworks; and our CLASS COCKTAIL PARTY, where we all enjoyed conversations with classmates as well as Prospect's best food and drink.

It is interesting to note that at least 20 different beers were spotted this year at Reunions and our new 33rd Reunion site next year is both intimate and centrally located.

Looking forward to seeing you at our 33rd: May 29 - June 1, 2008!!
33 Cheers,
B&G and the Class Officers

Have a great summer!

6/3/05 Bebe writes:

I lied about the last ditty,
There is too much to tell
For those who missed it,
Our 30th was swell!

Reunions are over;
It was a BLAST!
Everyone had fun
Discussing the future and past!

The off-site dinner at the Grad College
Was perfect in every aspect;
Many had never been there;
The building captured their respect!

Music both nights
Came from Alex Donner's bands.
The dance floor was packed
And surrounded by many fans!

We announced an Honorary Classmate:
Jose Pinkay-Delgato '77 He has been indespensible at the 25th and 30th,
Making the "band issue" "almost Heaven!"

We cheered our 30 Years
Throughout the Tiger-Striped weekend;
We drank lots of Tiger Beer
As we connected with many a friend!

If you were there,
You know the fun we had;
If you missed it, we understand;
But we are truely very sad!

Thanks to the volunteers,
Both classmates and crew,
Everyone had so much fun
Because of all of you!

30 Cheers for 30 Years!
All our thanks and praises
Go to Bill and Gail Baumbach
Whose accomplishments amaze us!
30 CHEERS for 30 YEARS!!!!!

5/30/05 Di and Bebe write:

We had a blast! Sorry to have missed a few of you. Here is a post-Reunions Ditty to remind you that Princeton's AG campaign ends June 30, 2005. So does the Presidency of Di and Bebe. As President Tilghman said at our Class Dinner, Princeton with its no-loan financial aid policy is a merit-driven place which allows all students the freedom to choose rather than to have to choose because of student loans.

We Tigers ain’t tame,
But we Tigers are true
To colors which go
With the Red White and Blue

Orange and Black
Who can deny
The pep in the step
The tear in the eye

As we go back and then back
To the best damn place of all
Each year or five We always recall

Four of the Best years
Bar none, bar none
When we were golden
When we were young

So let us join all friends
Those here, those afar
Whether present or absent
Leave the door ajar

To welcome back, and back Our friends, so dear
And Toast with Relish
Our drink, the Tiger Beer

Cheers and beers (especially Tiger Beer, thanks to Jay F. and Bill B.),

Di and Bebe

P.S. We have had a great time as your Presidents. It has been an honor and privilege. Good luck to Ellen, Steve G., Lissa and Jay F.

5/30/05 Sally Sears writes:

Friends: I missed several of you at reunions. Ted Bohlen and Becky and Carl Frischkorn didn’t make it, and I didn’t have enough time with SEVERAL of you. But Ted asked for details, and here they are!

Dear Ted: Our reunion was wonderful except you weren’t there. The Triangle show was thick with the offspring of ’75ers, and included an outrageous rap song called Gangsta Registrar. Details in a minute.

Here’s my brief Reunions Rap.

I took the train down from Pennsylvania Station, and at each stop a whisker more Tiger boarded: a belt, a cap, a scarf. I could hear a faint locomotive inside my head.

At the Hyatt, the usual bowl of apples on the reception desk was replaced with bright oranges.

At noon Friday, The Alumni Council recognized our Carl Udell with an Alumni Service prize. He created the Reunion Handbook all the classes now use and modestly accepted as the great guy we know he is.

Janet Morrison Clarke sat with me and about 25 other classmates to as he accepted the honor. In Commons, no less. The old pinched room and the light from the leaded glass made us look skinnier and younger. Thirty cheers! BeBe Haynes looked great. So did new president elect Ellen Khan, and Steve Greenberg came from Atlanta, our new VP.

And just as competitive as ever. Janet noted the Class of ’75 could easily win some of the jillions of awards they hand out, so be on the alert for a notice: attendance at any gathering between reunions: ’57 won with a paltry 9% in Charleston. Or attendance NOT at Princeton between reunions. ’64 won with only 57 old geezers riding around New York on a harbor cruise!

We could do that in Maui with you! Or Atlanta with Me!

At the reunion tent, down at the New New Quad, the class uniform was, ahem, snug on a few of the members: Cheerleading shirts with ¾ length sleeves and vee necks. Flattering in white for the women, snappy orange for the guys, worn underneath our dizzying Tiger Up Tiger Down print jacket. I always thought it looked like MC Escher on auto repeat, but I learned from Janet & Diane President Weeks that we got the idea for the print from a John Le Carre spy novel cover in the Scribner catalogue. Somebody called Charlie Scribner to get legal permission to tweak it. He gave it generously. How good would a spy look in this print? Nobody would notice? Ha.

Another generous gift: Jay Finkelstein noodled around Tiger Beer in Singapore. Found it delicious, but unavailable except in a few little markets in the US, and only in bottles. So he navigated a beer license for importing and imbibing into New Jersey, just for the class of ’75. And then PU had to say yes to serving it Not in Kegs, in its bottles, which took a another round of negotiations. All who drank declared it well worth the trouble. Thirty cheers for Jay.

Class dinner: Lovely, Alex Donner enchanting as usual. We were in the Grad College, which nobody could remember visiting even once during our years there. Bad thunderstorm during dinner, and some guy walked by on the golf course raising his iron in defiance of the lightning. He wore Yale Blue. No surprise. Pres. Shirley Tilghman was gracious in her remarks, and we were gracious back.*

P-Rade Saturday. Ted, we’re lining up now in Sight of Nassau Hall! Ouch. Remember when we graduated our position was way down the hill past Brown Hall? This may be the right direction, but too fast. A bright blue sky, classmates all around, beside East Pyne Hall.

The class of ’80 came around the corner first. Thick but bland. Reunion jackets a muddy combination of dark orange and black. You could in a low light not know they were Princeton, I’m afraid. What, they plan to wear these somewhere else? But the Old Guard restored the outrage quotient. The oldest living graduates were celebrating their 80^th Reunion. Imagine. They finished Princeton in 1925, when the 1920’s were still roaring! Wow. I could see it in their faces. One is three months older than the other (there are only two) so the senior rode first and his classmate behind was close on his heels. They looked great, by the way, for being over 100 years old.

We poured down the hill when it was our turn, and got lots of locomotives as we went.

Tom James was in the crowd with me, and Dennis Sweeney and Robbie Pyne and Lisa.

I marched w. Genevieve Muinzer and Janet, Eileen Harvey Bakke and her husband Dennis and son Dennis ’05. We came through the arch of the new dorms which has a Frank Stella painting in the ceiling, Bloomberg I think. Then onto Poe Field and made a victory lap.

Eileen took seats in the Parents Stands and overheard some restive comments about the length of the P Rade. My favorite: Frustrated parents sitting through all the strollers with the classes of the ‘90’s.

“We’ve been waiting 75 years!” But a thunderstorm overtook the seniors at the very last moment, and they surged through the arch and pelted across the field, and everyone ran for cover. Trees came down, security cleared roads; mayhem!

Fortunately, Diane Weeks and Janet and I took cover in Maclean House (sp?) where they put the fortunate trustees, and I drank port and we felt exceedingly Old Guard while the rain slowed and stopped.

Triangle show: My very favorite piece was what to do with aging Spelling Bee champions in an era of Spell Check. Ellen Khan and Rich Rampell’s daughter Cathy wrote it and I was weeping when it ended. She’s a beauty, by the way, and can dance, too.

Another hysterical piece was the guy who had a girl following him who played the shofar, and the Kickline of PU cheerleaders in drag.

But the best lyrics I brought home for Will, my own rap and basketball 14 year old son. He’s been quite aloof from my Orange and Black madness, so this is to tempt him. It’s from last year’s show, performed for me at my request at the Triangle Reunion show by Lissa Kiser’s son John Mesrobian ’05, a hunka hunka with a great voice.

“I’m the Registrar for one and all,

from Nassau Street to Nassau Hall.

You may think we clean cut studs then,

All my provosts, profs and Ombudsmen.

By day I’m lamer than Frank Zappa.

But at night I’m a Gangsta Rapper.

If you bust a cap, Put your Homey in a Coma,

Word, I got yo’ back til you get yo’ Diploma.

Chorus: Oh, Gangsta Registrar… Dealing out courses for the Bourgeoise…

Lemme hear you say Four Point Oh….

Perhaps you had to be there, drinking Tiger Beer and kissing long lost classmates and friends. But it was funny and you’d have loved it, and we missed you very much.

See you at the 35th !

Love, Sally

2/15/05 Diane Weeks writes:


Janet Clarke '75 will receive the Harold Helm Award at the Alumni Day Luncheon on February 26, 2005. Lunch starts at 12:15 p.m. at Jadwin Gym. Join the Class of 1975 as we cheer Trustee Clarke. No one deserves this award more than Janet. She has worked so hard to raise AG funds for Princeton and she was one of the three chairpersons of the Capital Campaign a few years ago.

Three cheers for Janet!

See you at lunch and at the 30th!

11/18/04 Lissa Kiser submits:

This news arrived too late for the relevant Class Notes column.

Our classmate CARL SAVAGE is featured in PBS's Nova program about Israel's Cave of Letters, which will air Tuesday, Nov. 23, at 8:00 p.m. on most PBS stations.
(Check local listings for varying air times.) Carl, a member of the Drew University faculty, was part of the excavation team. You may read details about the program and various aspects of the archaeological discoveries at ; follow the link to Nova's home page.

8/2/04 Diane Weeks submits:

Bebe and Diane have the pleasure of announcing that retired English Professor Tom Roche will be teaching this Fall our Freshman Seminar Tragedy: The Example of Hamlet. This seminar will treat various ways in which we can read Shakespeare’s Hamlet: as drama, as poetry, as film, as commentary on late Elizabethan politics, as a study of character, as tragedy, as part of our cultural heritage. The students will also read other Elizabethan texts form other authors.

The Class of 1975 Freshman Seminar is the result of one of our Gifts to the University on the occasion of our 25th Reunion. Thank you for your support.

6/9/04 Bebe Haynes submits:

Greetings, dear classmates;
Summer is here.
75’ers are gearing up
To “Cheer for Thirty Years!”

Reunions are over;
They were a blast.
We had far too much fun
Partying with every other class.

We checked out the bands;
We danced and we sang.
We’ve booked the Grease Band
For Saturday night’s whiz-bang!

Alex Donner will perform
For our Friday night Class Dinner.
We will dance the night away,
And for the P-rade, be thinner!

Carl Yudell will register you;
Watch for the packet in September.
Register early for the discount
You will surely remember.

Jackie Zins will organize
The Alumni-Faculty Forum.
You might want to help
Or perhaps to perform.

Ellen Kahn Rampell
Will handle the P-rade.
She would welcome volunteers
And solicits your aid.

Jay Finkelstein is our treasurer.
He will guard the funds.
We will have a GREAT time
If All of you come.

Dan Dye will provide housing;
The dorms are so plush.
If you want something else,
You need to avoid the rush.

Laura Bachko will determine
The meals we are served.
DFS will provide them
From desserts to hors d’oeuvres.

Gail Baumbach has designed the logo
“Thirty Cheers for Thirty Years.”
She’s working on costumes
Which will certainly be premiere.

Bill Baumbach is our beverage man.
He wants your opinions.
If you feel strongly about taste,
Please contact him.

Of course Gail and Bill
Are totally in charge.
They welcome suggestions
As their job is so large!

Please watch for the EMAILS.
We will send quite a few.
You may register on line.
We will email class news.

So send us your cheer
About Princeton’s Best
To use it next year,
And we will do the rest!

“Thirty Cheers for Thirty Years!”

Bebe Haynes

Diane Weeks

Bill and Gail Baumbach

Alex Donner

Carl Yudell

Jackie Zins

Jay Finkelstein

Ellen Kahn Rampell

Dan Dye

Laura Bachko

4/26/04 Diane Weeks submits:

Dear Classmates,

I just received the attached note from Alice Yeh who received the Class of 1975 Community Service Internship at Community House for this summer.

In previous years, not for profit projects headed by our own Louise Gengler and Sue Danoff have received support. We have also provided Internships through PP'55 and for the Council on Foreign Relations.

See you at Reunions!

Dear Diane Weeks,

My name is Alice Yeh, and I am currently a freshman at Princeton University. I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for being selected to receive funding from the Class of 1975 to support my summer internship. I am looking forward to my job at Community House, where I will be a camp counselor for middle school aged kids at a computer camp that Community House is running. I am excited and believe it will be a fun and awarding experience. I am very grateful for the class support. Thanks again!



4/23/04 Diane Weeks submits:

Dear Classmates,

As you may recall, our 25th Reunions Gift to the University enabled Princeton, among other things, to create two Summer Community Service Internships bearing the Class' name. (We also sponsor a Freshman Seminar and support a Scholarship.)

On behalf of the Class, I received a warm and generous note from Elizabeth Lea, '06, the recipient of one of our two Summer Internships, who will work at the Crisis Ministry, an SVC activity. I thought I'd share the note with you.

BTW, the Class is teaming with the Class of 1956 which will also sponsor a summer intern at the Crisis Ministry. The Class of 1956 won an award at Alumni Day for its community/public service initiatives.

Co-Class President

Dear Ms. Weeks,

I appreciate so very much the support of the Class of 1975 for my internship this coming summer. I am working at Crisis Ministry, in Trenton and Princeton. The organization serves a twofold purpose: to provide immediate assistance in terms of canned goods and other food to anyone who comes in, and second to provide financial support for medical bills and rent in the time of a crisis. The interactions and hands-on experience I will gain should be incredible. I am looking forward tremendously to the summer, though I realize that it should be eye-opening and difficult to reconcile my own priviliged lifestyle. Hopefully I will be in touch with you later on to describe more in-depth my time working with these underserved populations. Again, thank you and your classmates so much for the support you are granting me. I cannot fully express my appreciation - because this would really not be a possibility for me without your help.


Elizabeth Lea '06

4/16/04 Diane Weeks and Bebe Haynes submit:

Bebe Haynes and Diane Weeks are pleased to announce that Mark Kowall, Ellen Rampell, and Roger Fuller will serve as our P-Rade Class Marshals, starting this year.

They get to wear those great floppy hats! Please come back to Reunions this year! Free to all who have paid their Class dues. Spouses, children and guests of dues-paying classmates are admitted free of charge. Bill Baumbach has a party planned post-P-Rade at Prospect. See you there as well.

2/15/04 Bebe Haynes submits:

The Winter 2004 Ditty

Iowa and New Hampshire are over,
Super Tuesday is too;
If you are for Kerry,
Congratulations to you . . .

But we’ll put politics aside,
While we discuss class business;
In less than two years,
Our 30th will be in progress.

But we need to organize
To begin this process;
If you want to join in,
Just respond with a “YES!”

The Committee is busy,
In search of our theme.
If you have any suggestions,
Please join the team.

As we have said before,
We need volunteers.
There is so much to do
To make our reunion premier.

The food, the music, the costume,
The wine and beer you drink:
We need to make decisions.
What do you think?

Please enlist with your classmates
To create a memorable event.
We know the party will be fun
Under those ORANGE and BLACK tents!

And remember, as always,
Please send in your dues;
Steve Greenburg* accepts payment,
And Lissa Kiser, your news.

Hope to see you at this year’s reunion – our 29th – May 27-30, 2004 Memorial Day Weekend!
Again this year: register FREE (including family members or guest), with admission to every reunion, just by paying class dues. Also, meet (and hopefully join) the 30th Reunion Committee.

* send Class Dues to: Steve Greenberg, Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman, 100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 600, Atlanta, Georgia 30339-5947. Payable to Princeton Class of ’75. $50 per year.

10/5/03 Amy N. Mack writes:

Jeremy Mack, the son of William Howard Mack '75d and Amy Nussbaum Mack '76, graduated from Brown University and is a first-year law student at Northeastern University School of Law.


Another Witty Fall Ditty 2003

Summer is over;
Isabel has passed.
It’s that time again
To hear from your class.

Diane and Bebe hope
Your summer went well
Diane went to Bacova
To play and rest a spell.

But rest is not easy
For your presidents;
Diane is following through
On our Class Gift developments.

Tigers helped out the Bronx poor
And the Council on Foreign Relations Crew.
The Frosh got a great education
In Art History and writing too.

Charities in Princeton,
And Trenton too
Will benefit next summer
When our Tigers come through.

Football season has arrived;
The Yale game is soon.
We hope you will converge
For a tailgate around noon.

Diane promises to bring
Her famous apple tarte.
The gathering will be entertaining
For those who take part.

Watch for our notices;
We have a busy two years.
Our thirtieth is coming.
We need volunteers!

Bill and Gail Baumbach
Are completely in charge.
They will keep you posted;
The party will be large!

But please remember,
As we always request;
For the class community chest!

Happy Fall to All!
We hope you are well.
See you at the Yale game;
The fun will be swell!

Diane K. Weeks '75
Bebe Crosby Haynes '75 at

Send $50.00 dues check to: Steve Greenberg '75
Holt, Ney, Zatcoff &Wasserman
100 Galleria Parkway
Ste. 600
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Yale Game: 11/15/03
Jadwin Gym Tables
Kickoff: 1:00pm


For pity's sake, it's the Summer of 2003 Ditty

Reunions are over
The fireworks were a blast
Lightning hit and lit 'em
Before Shirley could get past

Mary Gregory and Bob M
Bill Baumbach was there too
Mark Kowal and Laura Bachko
Not bad for those near fifty too

P-raders walked in a downpour
25th umbrellas were up
We said over and over
Enough is enough!

Please sign up for Tiger Net
We send these ditties often
Email is the best way
Our resolves never soften

Have a great summer
Plan on the Yale game
Julia Child's apple pie
Being served once again

So let us say
With all one accord
Pay your dues this year
You'll never get bored

1/27/03 Bebe Haynes submits the following:

The 30th Reunions Ditty
Princeton University
Class of 1975

The 18th of January is past
And guess where Diane and Bill went?
They traveled down to Princeton
To begin planning our BIG event!

They braved cold and ice
And traveled through snow.
But Tigertown was ready
To get our show on the road!

Contact anyone below.
We are waiting for your views.
Join a committee
And gather your crews.

The THIRTIETH is coming.
It is in just two years.
So dig out your BLAZER
And call all your peers.

But we need all your help.
We need volunteers!
Please sign up soon;
We are all ears!

So here's to our 30th!
It will be a GREAT time!
We will show all others
We are Reunions' paradigm.

Bill Baumbach

Betty Gee

Conrad Person

Diane Weeks

Bebe Haynes

Rick Waldron

Lissa Kiser

Steve Greenberg

Anne Brenner

11/12/02 Mary Miller submits:

I'd like to invite 1975 to drop by the Master's House of Yale's Saybrook College, 90 High Street, for donuts, cider, and coffee, after the Game.

10/1/02 Bebe Haynes and Diane Weeks submit the following:

Ditty #8 Fall 2002

The elections are over;
The Republicans won.
Diane and Bebe are still speaking,
And we're planning more fun.

We need to inform you,
We are thinking ahead.
The Thirtieth is coming.
Where do you want to be lead?

We need volunteers
To help organize the fun.
There is a long list
Of what needs to be done!

Gail and Bill Baumbach
Are taking the reins;
Send them suggestions
For more fun and games!

As always remember,
Please pay your dues;
Send them to Steve Greenberg,
And Lissa Kiser, your news.

The summer ditty was lost;
It's in the ozone somewhere.
We did not forget;
We really do care.

Diane and Bebe
Are thinking of you!
Please let us know
What you want us to do!

The Holidays are approaching;
We hope all is well.
We send you best wishes,
And Joyeux Noel!

Diane and Bebe


Steve Greenberg
Holt, Ney, Zatcoff & Wasserman
100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 600
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

10/1/02 Bebe Haynes and Diane Weeks submit:

Harvard Tailgate Party!
October 26, 2002

Dear Classmates:

We are pleased to announce for the first time in many years that the Class will sponsor two tables inside the Stadium at the October 26 Harvard game! The University supplies set-ups and you can purchase food and drink. Tentative Class list from out of the area includes: Vice-President Rick Waldron and Treasurer Steve Greenberg. As an incentive, Diane will bake from scratch an apple pie or two. Marvel merely that she can do it rather than how well she carries it off! Let's try to get a group out for the game.

Diane attended the annual reception for the six interns we sponsored last year through Princeton Project 55. Everyone had a great summer and the organizations we helped out were very grateful. This year, we sponsor two internships through the new Pace Center for Community Service.

So, please pay for your dues of $50.00. Something about which you may be unaware is that the Class must pay, each year and per classmate, fees to the University, which cannot be waived. The PAW costs the Class $12,169.95 per year. And the Alumni Council bills us $971.10. Please do your part. Thanks so much!

Bebe and Diane

8/12/02 Diane Weeks has asked me to announce to you that we are sponsoring at Forbes College a Freshman Seminar on Rembrandt & Vermeer. Information is on webpage:

5/7/02 Bebe Haynes and Diane Weeks submit:

Greetings Classmates,
Spring is here,
Although most of had
Spring during winter this year.

Most of you know
What this time of year means;
Find your Reunions costume
And put away your jeans.

Find your jacket and hat,
Be ready to party
With those children of '77,
Let's not be tardy.

Gail and Bill Baumbach
Our organizing our group.
Communicate with them;
They're in the loop.

Housing is scarce,
As is always the case.
'77 has dorm beds,
But only limited space.

Prospect will be ready
For our group to convene;
After marching in the P-rade,
We'll need a relaxing scene!

No issues confront our class
At this specific time.
Diane is watching our money
Down to the last dime!

Speaking of money,
Remember your dues!
Steve Greenberg collects it
And Melissa Kiser, your news!

The dues money pays for PAW,
Whether one wants it or not;
The University charges us,
And it costs a lot!

But you have heard this before,
And you hear it again,
To ensure our class fun and future
We need dues money in!

Diane and Bebe
Send you their BEST!
And RELIEVE the stress!!

5/7/02 Final List of Class of '75 Internships placed through Princeton Project 55, for this coming summer:

Cindy Casazza '04, LINK Community School (Newark NJ) and the Center for Community Service (Princeton NJ)
Lauren Cusick '02, The Bronx Defenders, New York NY
Elizabeth Hallock '02, Storytelling Arts, Inc., Princeton NJ (Susan Danoff '75's organization)
Jessica Rhoades '02, LINK Community School, Newark NJ
Christina Shim '04, Lawyers for Children, New York NY
Julie Zankel '03, Lawyers for Children, New York NY

2/11/02 Bebe Haynes and Diane Weeks submit:


Happy New Year, dear classmates
Diane and Bebe wish you the best
For the hopes of 2002
To be beyond all the rest.

Last year was tough
On all of us everywhere,
And 9/11 made us remember
How much we do care.

Now onward and upward
To some noteworthy news,
Diane has worked hard
And gathered all the clues.

All the money we gave
From our Memorial Fund
Has now been distributed;
This should please everyone.

Please note below
And you will read
How '75 is contributing,
We are doing a good deed.

Now our money matters are settled
But don't forget your DUES;
Send those to Steve Greenberg,
And Melissa Kiser, your news.

Once again, from Diane and Bebe,
Happy New Year to All!
If you have any questions,
Send emails or call!

2/8/02 Diane and Bebe write:

Dear Classmates,

Laura Bachko has volunteered to serve as the Housing Chairwoman for Reunions this year. Please let her know as soon as your plans coalesce whether you will need a "bed". (The 25th or 30th Reunions give us "beds" and not rooms.) Laura shall know by early May 2002 how many beds the 25th or 30th will allot to us. Her preferred email address is new:

Also, before we approve spending money for a Prospect party after the P-rade, Bebe and I shall appreciate knowing how many classmates and their spouses, significant others, and children hope to attend the party.

Thanks again to Laura for "being volunteered."

Bebe and Diane

1/28/02 Diane writes:

Dear Classmates:

Bebe and I have resolved with out-going Veep of Development Van Williams '65 the issues surrounding the disposition of the income from the Reunions AG Memorial Funds. As you may recall, the University inadvertently never applied the income from the Funds since we made the Gifts in July 2000.

1. Starting September 2002, the University will award to a deserving undergraduate the Class of 1975 Scholarship in keeping with our Deed of Gift made in July 2000. The University will make awards for each year thereafter.

2. Starting in September 2002, the Dean of the College at the University will designate one Freshman Seminar as the Class of 1975 Freshman Seminar, again, in keeping with our Deed of Gift made in July 2000. We shall have a very limited window of opportunity to pick the topic of our Seminar from a pre-set list. If Classmates express an interest, they can have a role in selecting future seminars. However, we shall not be able to fashion a topic for a few years. Let us know if you wish to participate. Otherwise, we shall let the University pick.

3. Starting in September 2002, the newly established Center for Community Service (to which the Trustees have recently given a very broad charge to coordinate all University-funded community service efforts) will administer the Class of 1975 Community Service Internships. This is a slight change from the Deed of Gift and results from the University's use of its cy pres provision in the Deed, which reserves to the University the right to alter the terms of the Deed of Gift. We anticipate awarding two Summer Internships per year. We have the option to direct the income from the Gift ourselves. Please let us know if you have relationships with not-for profit 501(c)(3) organizations that may have need for a Summer Intern from Princeton. Otherwise, we shall let the Center pick.

4. With respect to the income generated this school year ending June 30, 2002, the University proposed and we accepted the following dispositions.

a) The income from the Class of 1975 Community Service Internship and the Freshman Seminar Funds will be combined and applied through the Center for Community Service.

b) The Center will sponsor the following Internships.

i) Our very own Louise Gengler's Take Kids Out Project will receive funds to hire an Intern. Please read Lissa Kiser's excellent PAW report on TKO to learn about Louise's years of hard work on this worthy Trenton community service project.

ii) Through Princeton Project 55, the Center will provide post-September 11 "stop-gap" funding for six Internships. At this time, we expect to help the Bronx Public Defenders and LINK, a very innovative and well-established charter school in Newark founded by a Princetonian. As we find out the recipients of the remaining four Internships, we shall pass along the information to you.

5. The Report in the Prince was erroneous that we were going to provide $1,000 Housing Internships for the Class of 1969 and Princeton Project 55 Summer Interns.
Bebe and I wish to thank Van Williams for his patience and efforts. We wish him all the best in his retirement. We also invite you to meet Sasa Montano, the new Director for the Center for Community Service, located in Frist Center.

Diane K. Weeks

10/23/01 Diane and Bebe write:

Dear Classmates:

We have good news, some "less than good news", and some great news.

A. New 30th Reunions Chairman

The Class announces with great pleasure that Bill Baumbach has agreed to assume responsibility for this position. Carl Yudell has "retired" from being Reunions Chairman after yeoman-like service to the Class. We thank them both for their dedication and spirit.
B. Status of the 25th Reunions Class Gift to Annual Giving
Through the unstinting efforts of Margit Roos-Collins, the Class learned that, with the exception of the Class of 1975 Prospect Walk, the University has not used the income from the Gifts we gave from the Millennium Fund to Annual Giving. As some may recall, they were supposed to create:
a) The Class of 1975 Community Service Fund ($225,000);
b) The Class of 1975 Freshman Seminar Fund ($500,000); and
c) The Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund ($300,000).
Therefore, the University awarded no Class of 1975 Internships or Scholarships last year. Nor did any Freshman Seminar this year bear the name of the Class of 1975.

The Class Officers and members of the Community Service and Freshman Seminar Committees are working the "problem" and will come up with a solution acceptable to the Class and the University.

C. Dues

Enclosed please find an envelope for your dues and a spot for news. Please send the envelope back to Steve Greenberg, Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman, 100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30339 with a $50 check to pay for the PAW and please send news to Lissa.
D. Yale Game
Let's all try to get to the Yale Game on November 10, 2001. Then, let's gather at Prospect after the game. A modest collation will be served.
E. And now for some great news!
The Class of 1975 survived, physically if not emotionally, from the terrors of September 11, 2001. Other classes were not so fortunate. That "news" frames everything else in proper perspective.
Diane and Bebe
9/14/01 Diane Weeks submits via e mail:

Dear Anne,

Please send the email below to Classmates.

Dear Classmates,

Bebe and I drafted the dues ditty over the long Labor Day weekend at her house, nestled in the mountains, high above the fray, full of gaiety, guests, and good cheer. We sent it to Anne for distribution before the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Last night at about 4:00 a.m., as I watched on TV the rain fall upon the Ground Zero site, I realized how inappropriate or frivolous the email might appear in light of what had happened on Tuesday. I resolved to contact Anne and the Alumni Council this morning to retrieve the email.

Alas, it went out before I could stop it.

But in some limited respects I am glad that it issued forth to the Class. It provides a sharp contrast between our lives before and after September 11, 2001. We view life very differently now. Let the ditty serve as a reminder of our new priorities. Our Nation needs us. Our fellow citizens need us. Our friends abroad need us. Things have indeed changed and the ditty marks the occasion.

Let us use the party time after the Yale Game, if held, to plan for the future. Let us go forward in the best tradition of Princeton to help our Nation in need.

Before the Game, we can communicate most effectively through the Princeton-75 chat room that Anne set up for us.

We still need dues to pay for the PAW and mailing costs, but I think we may find better uses for the balance collected. We are open to ideas.

I shall represent the Class on Sunday, September 16, 2001, on Cannon Green where everyone will congregate to mourn the dead of Princeton and to celebrate the life we still have to live in these difficult times.

God bless America and the Class of 1975.

Diane K. Weeks '75

9/6/01 Bebe Haynes and Diane Weeks submit:


Reunions are a memory
Summer is winding down
School's starting
Everyone's back in town.

Diane and Bebe hope
Your summer has been fun
And you are ready to start
This fall at a run.

Many events await you
As you schedule your plans
Please note the dates
And join the Tiger fans.

Our first official gig
Is the Yale game
November 10th
You'll be glad you came.

At ten in the a.m.
The Party will start
At Jadwin Gym
For every Tiger stalwart!

The Alumni Association
Is having a big birthday bash
One hundred seventy-five years
Of soliciting our cash.

But that is not all
The fun will continue
After the Yale defeat
Prospect's the venue.

Please join us then
To celebrate Our Victory
Congratulate the Association
And make party history.

And send in your 2002 dues
Just fifty dollars
To Treasurer Steve Greenberg
No complaints, no hollers.

Now continue to read
The following text
You really should know
The information you'll see next.

Diane and Bebe
Survived for a year
Please comment and suggest
We are anxious to hear.

Your devoted Class Presidents
Bebe Crosby Haynes
Diane Weeks

Some Further Thoughts

1. The Importance of Dues (or why we did not run for office)

Last year, we received quite an education. Little did we suspect that the Alumni Council actually charges over $10,000 per annum for PAW. Unlike a class action member, you cannot "opt out" of the Class. So, all you free riders, please send your tax-deductible dues payments of $50.00 to Steve Greenberg. We shall determine where to allocate the balance of the dues money, if any, when Rick Waldron finally gets us that budget he has been promising us since last year.

We cover the costs of the cocktail parties because Carl Yudell and John Allyn did such a great job on the books for Reunions. No one would dare call them Bialystock and Bloom!

2. Reunions (speaking about)

We need two volunteers to help with next year's Reunions: coordinators for registration and rooms. There is not much work entailed in either assignment and one's responsibilities begin in late April and end in late May.
Whoever volunteers gets a guaranteed room on campus. (Last year, our initial allotment was three beds. Yes, you read that correctly.) Someone who plans on going back next year may want to leap now at this opportunity before it is taken by another.
This arrangement will relieve the burden placed upon your co-Class Presidents so that we can bring to bear our very considerable executive talents on more pressing matters such as the menu for the Cocktail Party.

3. The Continuing Saga of The Jacket

Thanks to Carl Yudell and Gail Baumbach, we have just received over 700 yards of the Fabulous Tiger fabric, redone at no cost to the Class by Jim Steinert. Once again, Gail and Bill Baumbach have come to the aid of the Class Party by agreeing to store the fabric, which will not "bleed" as some of your Jackets did. We are open to suggestions about equitable distribution of the fabric but in the meantime rest assured that you will look even better in a new Jacket at our 30th Reunion.

Dues to: Stephen Greenberg, Esq.
Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman
100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30339

4/11/01 Bebe Haynes submits the following:

We hope you survived the winter
And all the wonderful weather.
Now Diane and Bebe
Want to bring you together!

It is Easter time
And spring should be here.
You know what comes next
So grab your reunion gear!

Reunions begin May 31st
And end on June 3rd.
We know it is our 26th
But we want to make sure you've heard.

We are partying with the 25th
It's the class of 76.
We may be older
But we know we can mix!

It is in the Wilson College Complex
Where we were last year
Once again we will have fun
While drinking their beer!

There are three rooms available,
Those wonderful on-campus suites,
Let Diane know
If it is where you want to sleep.

Our cocktail party is after the P-rade
Join us for a good cheer.
We will gather at Prospect
And mingle with our ageing peers.
(drink away market fears!)

But PLEASE read this far.
This is BIG NEWS!
Reunions are FREE
If you pay your class dues!

Send in your money
To treasurer Steve Greenberg.
His address is now correct
In case you haven't heard.

And do not forget our projects,
One being the Freshman Seminar.
It promises to be interesting
Under the leadership of Cindy Krackaur!

Look at our website,
Anne Brenner is still there.
She is doing a great job
As 75's tech-chair!

We hope to see you soon.
Reunions are coming;
They are playing our tune!

3/2/01 Diane Weeks reports:

Robert Harding '76 rejoined our Class. Took 1 year off in 1975. Varsity Football and Baseball. Bicker Chairman at Cap. I wonder if he wants a Jacket? Currently lives in UK.