Princeton University
Class of 1975

List of Critically Ill Classmates on this Website

The purpose of this website is to provide a centralized location for updates and comments on or by critically ill classmates avoiding the problems of long email threads which may not include all concerned individuals. Classmates, other friends, family, and the classmate him/herself can submit updates, comments, well wishes, etc. on the classmate's password protected webpage. It is also possible to join the email list for the classmate and receive an email everytime an update or comment is submitted. Contact the contact person to receive username and password information.

Please contact Webmaster if you wish to add another classmate to this list. You will need to provide the name of the classmate, a contact person who will distribute the username and password, the contact person's email address, background information on the classmate and his/her illness, a username, and a password. You can see a sample of a classmate website if you select the fictitious classmate Charlie Princeton below. Feel free to add an update to Charlie's website or join his email list.

Ill Classmate Website
Contact Person
Contact Email Address
Date Created
Charlie Princeton Jane Princeton 2011-07-14
Jane Princeton Charlie Princeton 2011-07-14